The Jonghyun I Want to Remember

One month after we lost him, I decided to make a special post for Kim Jonghyun. Here are some of the million reasons why I love our dear Bling Bling. More specifically, here are 18 of my favorite pictures and gifs (plus a video bonus) of Jonghyun. Hope you like this post, my fellow ShaWols and Blingers. ❤ Enjoy! 😉

(All credits go to the owners of the pictures.) 🙂

Also read my Letters to Jonghyun (updated every week) if you’re interested.


Remember his solo debut, Deja Boo? He looked awesome and perfect in every performance! He shone so brightly on stage and his songs are all so meaningful, relatable and just like him, simply BEAUTIFUL.


My personal favorite Jonghyun solo album is ‘She Is’. Every song in that album never fails to make me smile. Every song he makes is full of emotions but the songs in ‘She Is’ give off the chill and dance-able vibe, a personal favorite of mine.




And your white t-shirt~

Speaking of the ‘She Is’ album, White T-shirt is my favorite song from the album. If you haven’t listened to it yet, go ahead! You won’t regret it. 😉


Really? One is not enough??? Why are you doing this to us, Jonghyun? ❤ ❤ ❤


Imagine being a ‘newbie’ group and releasing one of the all-time most popular and catchy songs of K-Pop. In my opinion, Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong are equally addicting. I love them both! ❤


The aesthetics of the 1 of 1 album is seriously out of this world! Every member shone on stage and it really showcased all of their talents. Just look at our Jonghyun here! So lovely! ❤


Every year, SM holds a Halloween Party where all the artists can come and be extra ‘extra’ in their costumes. And we all know the double ‘e’ in SHINee stands for “extremely extra”, right? Just look at the next picture.


They just went to the frickin’ convenience store, people! 😀 And don’t get me started about Onew’s costume and Minho’s impression of Capt. Jack Sparrow. :)))


Here is another of Jonghyun’s most iconic costumes for the SM Halloween Party. 🙂


Do you guys know Jongmi? She’s super gorgeous by the way. ❤


Isn’t she lovely~ ❤ ❤ ❤


Jonghyun and Onew: Thank you, leader Onew, for always being there to hold and comfort our dear Jjong.


Jonghyun and Key: To be honest, 2Min (Minho x Taemin) is my favorite SHINee ship; but JongKey has been very sweet and flirty since Day One! ❤ Their relationship just continues to flourish through the years.

Look at these lovebirds… ❤


Jonghyun and Minho: This is a combo that you should not leave alone to themselves! They should always be supervised. 😀


Jonghyun and Taemin: This is the reason why fan girls (and boys) have fantasies! I’m still haunted by this until now, to be honest. But on a more serious note, Jonghyun (and the rest of the boys) treat Taemin like their most precious baby. And he surely is our baby! Both Jjong and Taem deserve the world! Precious babies! ❤


I can’t remember how many times I have watched this SNL skit already! 😀 I ask myself from time to time: Am I sure that this is the group I want to stan? Then I answer immediately: It’s really worth it! They’re the best! 🙂


Lastly, I don’t want this post to have any negativity. I’m done crying sad tears for him already. So let me just end this by saying that our idols work hard every single day to give us the best performances. I think it won’t cost us that much to appreciate all their work and efforts. Let us help end negativity and hatred in the K-Pop community, and furthermore, in the world. Jonghyun is and forever will be loved by many. He is an inspiration and the perfect example of how loving what you do and doing your best can help make a beautiful world for everyone who chooses to believe and love.

*Bonus (video):

Look at our precious angels being emotional after winning Artist of the Year. Our humble babies! ❤


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