3W Clinic Collagen and Luxury Gold Essence Review

In my last skin care product review, I talked about the fourth step in the Korean 10-Step Skin Care Routine. (Toner) Today I will be reviewing an Essence; which Koreans consider the heart of their skin care routine. It is also the fifth step of their routine. If you guys are interested in my review of the 3W Clinic Collagen and Luxury Gold Essence, then please keep reading. 🙂



PACKAGING – Is the packaging pretty enough to give as a gift to someone? Is it fragile? Is it sturdy or flimsy? Is it bulky or travel-friendly? Does it get dirty easily? Is it hygienic?

PERFORMANCE – Is it easy to use/apply? Are the instructions easy to follow? To whom do I particularly recommend this product? (dry, normal, combination, oily, sensitive, acne-prone, troubled, mature, wrinkled skin, men)

LONG TERM USE – Will I use it again or continuously? Will I repurchase it once I run out? Are there long-term skin benefits?

VARIETY – Are there enough choices or variants for everyone? If it is a product for a specific skin type, does it perform well?

VALUE FOR MONEY – In skin care, it does not matter whether the price is high or low; as long as the product works for one’s specific skin needs and/or preferences. But! 🙂 Of course I prefer more affordable brands. 😉 Also, it helps if the brand offers samples or deluxe sizes of their products so people can try it first before buying the full size. 🙂


Product Name




Long Term Use Variety Value for Money
3W Clinic Collagen and Luxury Gold Essence 4.75 4.5 4 4



Overall Rating: 4.45/5

PACKAGING – The essence is housed in a glass packaging that is quite big, bulky and fragile. I find myself taking extra caution whenever pulling this bottle out of my stash. I’m not the biggest fan of the packaging; but I still like it because it has a pump; which makes it so much easier to dispense the product. I like the gold accents on the packaging. Other than that, I don’t have anything else to say about the packaging of this essence. I would NEVER recommend travelling with this. It’s just so huge and heavy. However, this could be the perfect gift for mothers, friends or anyone you might want to give this to. The gold packaging and gold flecks in the product itself make it more luxurious and appealing to the eye.

PERFORMANCE – Like mentioned above, this essence can easily be dispensed because it has a pump. The essence applies and absorbs easily onto the skin. It has an almost gel-like consistency and is lightweight on the skin. It also has a slight cooling sensation once applied and the little gold flecks melt into the skin easily. I like the consistency, texture and feel of this essence; however, I do not see any significant results even with continued use. I would still recommend trying this out if you are just looking for a hydrating/moisturizing essence that feels luxurious at the same time. It would work for people of all skin types, even for mature skin. I did not break out nor had any skin irritations upon using this product. On top of all that, it is affordable. 3W Clinic is an overall affordable Korean brand; and I like all the products I’ve tried from the brand so far.

LONG TERM USE – To be honest, I would not recommend this product for long-term use. (at least for people who have similar skin concerns as I do) I just don’t see any long-term skin benefits from using this product. It’s nice to have and use because it’s moisturizing and hydrating; but other than that, I did not see any results with this product. I also don’t think I am eligible to judge or make claims about a product’s anti-aging properties because I don’t experience skin aging yet. I would still use this up; but I probably wouldn’t repurchase. By the way, in case you are interested, my skin concerns are: sensitivity, dryness, dark spots, occasional and hormonal breakouts, dullness and visible veins. 🙂

VARIETY – As far as I know, 3W Clinic has two kinds of essence: the Collagen and Luxury Gold Essence and the Whitening Essence. I haven’t tried the Whitening one yet but I am interested to. It’s not a wide range but I personally think that there should not be a lot of kinds of essences. It might just confuse the consumers.

VALUE FOR MONEY – This is an affordable product. Like I mentioned above, 3W Clinic is one of the most affordable Korean brands; and their products actually deliver. I also like that this particular essence has 150mL of product; which makes it worth the price. (≈PHP450 online)

Overall, the 3W Clinic Collagen and Luxury Gold Essence is a nice moisturizing essence that would not break the bank. I still recommend trying it even if it did not give me impressive results. Who knows? This might work for you and be your next holy grail skin care item! 😉 Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog posts and I’ll see you on the next one! Annyeong! :*


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