Marvelous Mariveles: Our Bataan Day Tour Experience




B– eautiful blue skies and white sand beaches

A– way from the fuss and noise in the city.

T– ravelers will surely be enticed by nature’s beauty,

A–  mazed by the simple and peaceful life,

A– nd awed by the perfect scenery that only exists in dreams–

N– ever wanting to come back to reality.


Hey guys! This post is long overdue but I want to share our experience in our (not so) recent Bataan trip. On April 24, 2017, my family and I booked a day tour trip to Mariveles, Bataan. We availed Metrodeal’s promo (discount prices and vouchers will last till the end of May, check for more details and other offers) and booked at Camaya Resort ( I learned about Metrodeal from my father. He was the one who suggested we go to Bataan and go to the beach. I looked it up online and saw two options for the Camaya trip: one is worth PHP499/pax and the other one is PHP999/pax. The only difference between the two is that the latter includes 2-way ferry transfers while the former does not. Booking and reservation was done online while payment was done over the counter at our preferred bank. The transaction was almost hassle-free. We just encountered a little inconvenience at the reservation part (for the resort) because our preferred schedule did not appear at first. After emailing both Metrodeal and Camaya Resort, we were able to solve the problem within minutes. 🙂

Now on to the trip itself: We had to be at the terminal (Esplanade Seaside Terminal) 30 minutes before the boarding time. (7 am) We left home at 5:45 am and took a cab to our destination. However, due to traffic and closed roads because of the ASEAN summit, we arrived a bit late. (6:40 am) Fortunately, the gates aren’t closed yet and they are still accepting passengers. We were given stickers that correspond to our seat numbers in the ferry. The boarding was quick and easy. We took several selfies and group-fies inside the boat while waiting for departure. We left past 7 am. (a bit later than the scheduled time) The ferry ride was comfortable and hassle-free; and we arrived at Camaya Coast at around 9:30 am. (≈2 hours travel time) Since there is no port at Camaya Coast yet, (they only have a docking station for TWO-THREE boats ONLY) we had to walk a looooooong path (on top of the water) and cross a bamboo bridge to reach the coast. It took us approximately 15-20 minutes to finally reach the beach. J WARNING: the pathway is wobbly so you really need to keep your balance and don’t rush.


We started swimming at the beach at around 11:30am. (We ate lunch first.) Ideally, we would not go out in the sun and risk getting extremely sunburned during that time; but we did not have a choice since we booked a day tour. We arrived at 9-10am and have to leave at 3-4pm. We had so much fun in our stay at Camaya Coast because it is ideal for families and friends on vacation; and even for couples who are just looking for a place to go that has a white sand beach and beautiful scenery but is not too far away from Manila. 🙂

Now, if you’re expecting some Boracay or Puerto Galera type of experience, you would be slightly disappointed. The place is still being developed and hopefully, in the future, they’ll offer more beach activities for people to enjoy. (Although I prefer it this way because it preserves the natural beauty of the island.) BUT! Inflatable playgrounds are all the hype now in the Philippines; and Camaya Resort has two inflatable playgrounds to offer. (for FREE!) Just get your life vest at the life guard station and you’re ready to play! 😀 Overall, the island is breathtaking and there aren’t any tall buildings or infrastructure yet. In the future, there may be; but I’m hoping there won’t be. Or I hope they’ll at least be able to preserve the natural beauty of this one of a kind island.

Aside from the beach and inflatable playground, we also went for a swim and took pictures at the infinity pool. At around 2:45 pm, we already started to pack our things. Our time at the beach was definitely short; but it’s a reason to go back. 3:45-4:00pm was the boarding time for the ferry trip to Manila. While we were waiting to be called, we hung out at the beachside and took more “vacation pics” and selfies; and when it was time to go, I really wanted to stay. Unfortunately, our mini getaway is over and we have to get back to reality. We have to go back to the city and live our lives away from the island. Oh how I wish I was Moana so I could follow ‘the line where the sky meets the sea’ and explore the beautiful seas and islands of the Philippines.

That’s all for this post! I hope this was helpful and I hope you’d consider visiting Camaya Resort soon. Trust me, you’ll never regret it. 😉 Here’s to more adventures this 2017! I hope you guys are happy and healthy! Annyeong! :*




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