Maybelline Color Tattoo Review


PACKAGING – Is it cute? Is the packaging too bulky or too flimsy or sturdy enough? Does it get dirty easily? Do I see myself travelling with it? Is it pretty enough to give as a gift to someone?

PERFORMANCE – Is it easy to use/apply? Does it blend easily? Is it beginner-friendly? Do I feel pretty whenever I wear it? Is the color match perfect?

LONGEVITY – Can I wear it for events? How about for extreme outdoor activities? How often do I need to reapply? Is the SPF high enough?

VARIETY – Is the shade selection wide? Do I see it working for different skin tones/colors?

VALUE FOR MONEY – If it is affordable, I have lower expectations but I prefer it over luxury/expensive products for which I have higher expectations. Would I repurchase it?

Product Name



Performance Longevity Variety

Value for Money

Maybelline Color Tattoo 4.5 4.5 5 4.5


Overall Rating: 4.65/5

PACKAGING – The eyeshadows are packaged like typical cream eyeshadows. They come in a pot, just like gel eyeliners. While this type of packaging is not the most hygienic, I personally don’t mind dipping my fingers into the pot because like I said in my Tony moly pot concealer review, all my makeup products are for personal use only. I don’t share my makeup with anyone so I don’t mind spreading my own germs into my makeup items. 🙂 They are slightly heavy for their size; but they aren’t bulky so I still bring them with me when I travel.

PERFORMANCE – I use my fingers to apply this product. For me, fingers are still the most practical and easiest way to apply cream shadows. (or any makeup product for that matter) Sometimes, I use a synthetic brush to apply and spread the eyeshadow evenly onto my lids. I like how easy this product applies and blends out. I also use it in conjunction with other eyeshadow formulas (like powder) and they still blend really well. All the shades are highly pigmented and aren’t patchy. I didn’t give it a perfect 5 because cream shadows don’t last as long as powder eyeshadows; and we know powder eyeshadows last forever. Cream eyeshadows only last for about 1-1.5 years. They are still good as long as there is no foul smell and the product is not yet dried out.

LONGEVITY – The lasting power of this eyeshadow is AWESOME! If you are looking for an eyeshadow that won’t budge and will last as long as your waterproof eyeliners and mascaras, this is the way to go! I also tried rubbing my eyelids to test if there’s transfer but THERE IS NO TRANSFER AT ALL, even for the shimmery shades. By the way, the Color Tattoo Leathers are matte, the Color Tattoo Metals are metallic and the regular Color Tattoos are shimmery. This is the eyeshadow I’ll recommend if you are planning to wear eye makeup for swimming or extreme outdoor activities.

VARIETY – The regular Color Tattoo line has 7 shades, including Bad to the Bronze. The Color Tattoo Leather line has 5 shades, including Creamy Beige. The Color Tattoo Metal line has 3 shades. The shade range is pretty decent. You can also create one-shadow looks with any of the shades so you won’t need to buy multiple shades, especially if you are a beginner.

VALUE FOR MONEY – I got mine at 250 pesos (sale price) at a Maybelline counter. Regular price is 350, I guess. They are very affordable cream eyeshadows so I would definitely recommend trying them out. 😉

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*Featured in: Makeup in Action 1


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