Wet n’ wild Megalast Lipsticks Review + Swatches

Hey loves! ❤ It’s time for another product review; and this time I’ll be reviewing lipsticks. These are the Wet n’ wild Megalast Lipsticks and if you are curious to know my thoughts about this lipstick, please keep reading. (I want to skip long intros to my blog posts, and I’m starting with this post. 🙂 )



PACKAGING – Is it cute? Is the packaging too bulky or too flimsy or sturdy enough? Does it get dirty easily? Do I see myself travelling with it? Is it pretty enough to give as a gift to someone?

PERFORMANCE – Is it easy to use/apply? Does it blend easily? Is it beginner-friendly? Do I feel pretty whenever I wear it? Is the color match perfect?

LONGEVITY – Can I wear it for events? How about for extreme outdoor activities? How often do I need to reapply? Is the SPF high enough?

VARIETY – Is the shade selection wide? Do I see it working for different skin tones/colors?

VALUE FOR MONEY – If it is affordable, I have lower expectations but I prefer it over luxury/expensive products for which I have higher expectations. Would I repurchase it?

Product Name CRITERIA
Packaging Performance Longevity Variety Value for Money
Wet n’ wild Megalast Lipstick 4 4.5 4.75 5 5

Overall Rating: 4.65/5

PACKAGING – Wet n’ wild’s lipsticks’ packaging is flimsy in my opinion. It has a transparent plastic cap and the product does not completely go down the tube when it’s brand new. That is why on the first uses, the product itself might stain the plastic cap upon opening and closing it. It is such a bummer for me because I have to be EXTREMELY careful when placing the cap back on. The cap easily gets dirty too, so as much as I love the quality of these lipsticks; the packaging is just too bad for me. I also would not recommend bringing these lipsticks for travel because the cap gets loose easily and the product might just get all over your purse or makeup bag. If you really want to bring it with you, de-potting it is the best way to go. (Note: These lipsticks last all day long on my lips so I don’t really need to reapply when I’m wearing them; so I’m fine even if I don’t bring them with me during the day. When I opt to bring them with me, I just try to be EXTRA careful of my makeup bag. De-potting lipsticks is only recommended if you travel a lot or for a long time, say for several days or weeks.)


PERFORMANCE – These lipsticks have a demi-matte finish. It is “one-swipe goodness”, meaning it is pigmented upon first swipe. It is leaning toward the dry side but on well-exfoliated and moisturized lips, there won’t be any problem in applying and wearing them. I do not recommend any type of matte lipstick (even creamy or demi-matte ones, because even those become more matte throughout the day) from any brand for people who have chapped or dry lips because the matte formula will emphasize the lines, texture and dryness of the lips. What I suggest is moisturizing the lips before applying any matte product. Exfoliating the lips is also highly recommended. For me, these lipsticks dry down matte, but they are not too drying. They have a slight chemical and crayon-like scent. The colors are very pretty as well. There are a lot of color dupes for high-end lipsticks (like MAC’s) in this line and I recommend these lipsticks to people who want to have high-quality, pigmented and long lasting lipsticks at a VERY AFFORDABLE price. So far, I have tried six of them (I now have five left, because I de-stashed the other one) and their quality and pigmentation are the same for ALL the shades I have tried. 🙂


LONGEVITY – I find myself not needing to reapply this throughout the day because it is long lasting. I would say that these are less drying than the MAC matte lipsticks; (see review here) but throughout the day, they dry down more matte. By the end of the day it is already matte and feels slightly dry. It fades evenly but it disappears slightly on the inner part of the lips.(not so much, especially for the nude shades) It does not bleed or feather outside my lip lines. There is a bit of transfer when I first apply it; but upon blotting with tissue, it will have less transfer. It is not entirely kiss proof or waterproof but it lasts long. 🙂


VARIETY – The Megalast lipstick line from Wet n’ wild has a wide selection of shades and colors to choose from. I believe everyone can find a shade that will suit them from the selection.


VALUE FOR MONEY – Wet n’ wild is an affordable brand. They have A LOT of dupes for high end products. I’m not just talking about these lipsticks. They have dupes for high end powders, eyeshadows, palettes, contour powders, highlighters, blushes, and more, Wet n’ wild is truly a great brand to try if you’re looking for high quality products at affordable prices. 😉 These lipsticks cost 299 pesos at Wet n’ wild counters in the Philippines. You can find them at a much more affordable price at Shopee Philippines and other online stores but just be wary of fake products. Apparently, there are fake and replica versions of these lipsticks. (Ang mura na teh, pinepeke pa?!?!)


BONUS: (PRO) Wet n’ wild is cruelty-free. They do not test on animals, so if you are against animal testing and are looking for AFFORDABLE and cruelty-free makeup, Wet n’ wild is the way to go.


SHADES (I own):

Bare it All

Just Peachy

In the Flesh

24 Carrot Gold

Cherry Bomb





LIP SWATCHES: (on MAC NC25/light-medium skin, sorry for my face)

First pic: (L-R, T-B) Bare it All, Just Peachy, In the Flesh, 24 Carrot Gold)

Second Pic: Cherry Bomb (left side: worn as a stain, right side: worn as a full lip color)

There you go! That is my review for the Wet n’ wild Megalast Lipsticks. I LOOOOOVE THEM! ❤ ❤ ❤ Whenever I feel like I have nothing to wear, (on my lips) I reach for one of these and I’m never disappointed. I definitely recommend them to everyone! 😉

If you enjoyed reading this post, I hope you can share it with your friends and family. I also hope to see you in my next post. Love you guys! Annyeong! :*


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