Letter to My Fellow ShaWols

                FAMILY: That is what we are. For 9 years, (this 2017) that is what the whole SHINee World (ShaWol) community has been and will continue to be even for the years and decades to come. Such is a bold statement coming from a “multi-fandom” fan like me but nothing in this world can ever change my mind about this. SHINee is family. ShaWol is family. SHINee + ShaWols = ONE BIG HAPPY (FREE OF DRAMA) FAMILY.

Having said that, you (Yes, you. You who are reading this, if you are a ShaWol like me) are family to me and to SHINee. And for that I am thankful. Thank you for being part of our family. Thank you for being there through the ups and downs, the hardships, the sad and happy tears, the sunny and rainy days, and the successes and failures in SHINee’s (and its members) life. From this sentence on, I will be referring to SHINee and ShaWols and me as ONE. Because we are ONE. 🙂 And I am going to call us “fam”. (Raise those Pearlescent Sky Blue lightsticks up in the air!)

Hey fam! Whatchu doin’? Are you well? If you’re still at school, hi. Do good on your exams and follow your dreams! If you’re working, hello. Put a smile on that face and let’s conquer the day with enthusiasm (and our boys) in our hearts. And never stop believing in the power of your dreams. 😉

Now, let’s break down the things that make SHINee great into six words; with each word beginning with the letters of the word SHINee. Shall we?



          From their debut in 2008 until this day in 2017, SHINee is the group that showed sincerity and passion in their craft. I am not saying that other groups do not have these traits; but SHINee shows these traits in almost every single thing they do. They know what they want to achieve, so they work hard for it. All their hard work and pain are always for the people they hold dear to their hearts. I am proud to be a ShaWol because I follow a group that has this much passion in their craft and this much love for the fans. And I hope you are proud to be a ShaWol too.




We all know that SHINee is considered to be one of the “veteran” groups in the industry. They have been around for 9 years already; but I have never seen them let their popularity and fame get into their heads. In fact, they are one of the few groups who have this close connection to their fans. They try to listen very well to the fans’ opinions and try to do fan service with the best of their abilities. They remain the same humble, hardworking and passionate SHINee that we’ve all known since day 1.




This is probably the easiest thing to spot. We can all agree that EVERY SHINee performance is spectacular and nothing short of EPIC. (will elaborate later on) They just have so much energy and vigor in them and those translate into their every performance. They have always been perfectionists when it comes to their performances; and every single song they perform has to be PERFECT. (and it is)




This is most represented in their latest full-length album, 1of1. Trust SHINee to provide you with your dose of 90’s themed music and songs that will take you even as far back as the 80’s. Love MJ? SHINee’s got you. Fancy cheesy ballads? They got that covered. Just listen to any one of their albums and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. 😉




SHINee’s sound is very unique. All of their songs have a unique “flavor” to them; which can easily make any first time listener addicted to them. Notice that I’ve never even mentioned anything about their visuals; (yet) because no matter how important looks are in the K-Pop industry, it takes a GREAT performer with an appealing and unique sound to stay in the industry. That is exactly what SHINee provides us with, good music.




They are simply EPIC, both individually and as a group. I won’t dwell on this much further but SHINee is one of the few groups that excel in so many fields. They are not only musicians, but are models, theatre actors, athletes, TV and movie actors, hosts and businessmen as well. (and many more, actually. I just decided to end it there because I don’t want to keep blabbering.) Yes they are rich; but they’ve not always been so. They worked soooooo hard to reach their current status and believe me, SHINee has REAL TALENT. How else can they stay on the top for 9 years? It’s not just the hype. It’s not just because they’re from SM Entertainment, one the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. It’s not just the marketing strategy (or the lack of it). It’s because SHINee has poured so much of themselves into their passion and love of creating music and performing that they continuously stand out among many other artists. It’s because they work so hard to be the SHINee-ng stars that shine across the skies. We (ShaWols) are the sky that makes SHINee shine. And together we make the universe a wonderful place, brimming with good music, happiness and light.


                These are the things that make our boys great, as a group. But I also have a few words to say about each member; because I know each of us has his/her own bias in SHINee. I have one too, though it’s really hard to stay loyal y’ know. 😀


                To MVPs (Onew-biased), we’ve seen how much love our precious leader has shown to his members. I’m not just talking about his talent because everybody already knows that. What not many people know is how much our leader has sacrificed for his members; and that he has made those sacrifices out of his own will. He might not be the strongest leader; but he is an outstanding one. There’s another reason why SHINee stayed together as a group for 9 years. (and counting) It is because the group has a leader who understands the needs, wants and abilities of his members; and who works twice as hard as everyone else. 🙂


                To Blingers (Jonghyun-biased), I hope we continue to admire Jjong not only as a powerful vocalist but also as a passionate artist. Out Jjong truly has a heart of gold and he always gives his 101% in every performance. He also proudly carries the name of SHINee even in his solo activities. He is truly a man for the team. He is a kind-hearted and warm individual. He also supports the LGBTQ community and stands by their side. He is never afraid to stand for his own beliefs, while respecting the beliefs of others. He fought for his place and was never afraid to follow his dream. He loves ShaWols and cried numerous times for us and because of us. I hope we won’t let all those tears go to waste. Let us continue to cheer for him and support him in his future endeavors.


                To Lockets (Key-biased), Key might be the member that most fans can relate to; because he is the “umma” (mother) of the group. He takes care of them and makes sure nobody gets left out. He has been a nurturer ever since they debuted. He treats the members like his own sons and we are very thankful of that. It is just like SHINee found a second mom in him. Now we know our boys are always safe no matter what they do and where they go. Of course we should never forget that he is called “Almighty” Key for a reason. He can do everything. He sings, raps, dances, acts, models and writes songs. He is a multi-talented diva. 😉


                To Flamers (Minho-biased), we all know how HOT and SPICY 😀 😀 😀 Minho is. (hence the nickname “Flaming Charisma”) That is why we want to protect him at all costs. He might be a tall and muscular man; but he is a sweet and caring gentleman. He is also clumsy sometimes; and that makes him even more charismatic. He might be the face of the group and the one that most Korean and international fans notices first; (because of his looks) but we should never forget that he is DEFINITELY MORE THAN JUST A BEAUTIFUL FACE. (and a beautiful sexy body as well) He is also overflowing with charms and talents. He wouldn’t be in SHINee if he is lacking in talent; and he is actually totally full of it. He sings well, despite being the rapper of the group. He also writes songs; and his words are full of emotions. He is a hidden gem (although he might not be totally hidden anymore) and truly a man of many talents. 🙂 (and once again, he has a great body)


                To Taemints (Taemin-biased), he might be the member with the most successful solo career and the best reputation among his “hoobaes”; (juniors) but he is still our gentle and innocent “maknae”. (youngest) Every member is precious, but he is twice as precious because he is the youngest. His” hyungs” (older brothers) do their best to take care of him and treat him well, that’s why Taemin continues to grow both as a person and as a performer. He might be a monster on stage, but he is a cutie off stage. He is in charge of the powerful dance moves of the team; and has taken the center position in the group. He choreographs their dances and pours his heart out into every move. There’s no doubt to what this gentle baby is capable of and there’s no questioning if he deserves to win “Best Dance Performance” (Male Artist) all the time. Well, he might not win it every single time but we know how much effort he puts into his dancing. Let’s continue to love our dear dancing machine. 🙂


Fam, you are all amazing! I am very proud to belong to this fandom and I never want to leave. This is home and you are my family. Thanks for everything. Here’s to all the happiness and love we shared, are sharing, and will continue to share! I love y’all! You da best! 😉 And to SHINee, continue being wonderful blessings to this world. I only wish and hope for the best for all five of you. Keep slaying! You know you’ll always be my number 1! Saranghae! :*



That’s everything for this post! I hope all my fellow SHINee trash(es) can not only relate to this post but also continue listening to and loving K-Pop. It feels good. It heals the soul. It mends the broken heart. I hope all K-Pop fans in the world unite and spread only good vibes, happiness and love in the world. I hope you also don’t forget to do your good deed today. 🙂 I’ll see you all in my next (K-Pop-related or not) post. Stay happy and healthy! Annyeong! :*


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