Red and Dark Lip

When I was younger, probably around 9-12 years old, I thought that there were only two lipstick colors in the world: red and pink. Everything else just falls somewhere in between. No wonder I never liked lipsticks when I was young. I just thought that lipsticks (esp. red ones) NEVER look good on me. I still do, up to this day, but I do not despise them as much anymore. That is why I don’t have as much red lipsticks in my collection as nude or brown ones. The same reason applies for dark lipsticks. Aside from the fact that they NEVER looked good on me, I also don’t have the confidence to wear them even if they do look good on me. (or if people tell me so)

In my collection, I only have ONE red lipstick (liquid) and ONE dark lipstick. In my defense, I do have a bunch of lip tints or lip stains that would pass off as a red lip, if I use them as such. But knowing myself, I will never wear red or dark lips on a normal day. (You’d have to force me.) I would wear it as a gradient lip instead, which is something I’m pretty confident about. 🙂


My Red and Dark Lipstick Collection (excluding lip pencils and lip tints)


Left: ever bilena advance liquid lipstick (Fire Opal) – full review soon, Right: Wet n’ wild megalast lipstick (Cherry Bomb) – see review here

Note: I will try to post pictures of me wearing red and dark lipsticks in the future (when I have a better camera for taking selfies) but for now here are some SWATCHES:


❤ ❤ ❤

TIP: This is something I learned from Ms. Lisa Eldridge. (Subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her blog for more beauty tips and tricks.) She said: When you’re planning to wear a red lip, it is better to pair it with a cool-toned eye makeup. (more on grays and taupes) The reason behind this is that you’d want to cancel out all the redness (warmth) on your face to bring out the redness of your lips (lipstick). The only thing that has to be red on your face are your lips, she said. As for blush, it is advisable not to wear any because you don’t want to draw more attention to your cheeks than your lips. Just work that contour girl! 😉 You have to get rid of all the redness on your face as well. Conceal everything that has to be concealed. You’d want your face to be redness-free. She also said that you can wear red lipstick with a “no makeup” makeup look. Just make sure that you’re working with a flawless base. (redness-free) The same principle applies when wearing a dark lip color. We want our dark lips to be the focus of attention, right? To do that, we have to work with a flawless base (again). Conceal those dark spots and correct the redness of your skin. Wear either cool-toned shadows or no shadow at all. As for blush, go for the cool-toned ones as well. (purples or cool/blue-toned pinks) I’ll leave links to Lisa Eldridge’s videos so you can watch her explain these more thoroughly while showing you how it’s done (Isn’t that amazing?)

From YouTube (Lisa Eldridge)

ANOTHER TIP: Also from Lisa Eldridge: Do your lips first before eyes and cheeks when working with a red or dark lip so you won’t overdo it. (eye and cheek makeup) Everything else should just “follow the lead” of the lipstick because it (the lipstick) is the main attraction in your makeup. 😉

BONUS: This is me wearing a gradient red lip using a lip tint (The Face Shop). This is how I would normally wear a “red lip” 😉


Well, that’s all for this post. I hope you liked it and I’ll see you in my next one! Stay happy and healthy, everyone! Annyeong! :*


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