GOALS!!! (My K-Star Girl Crushes) <3 <3 <3

“So many pretty girls around me and they waking up the rocket…”~~~

                As much as I love my Korean male hotties, I cannot help but notice the lovely Korean female celebrities as well. 🙂 Through the years, I find myself having crushes on female actresses and idols as well. Here are 8 of the beautiful (inside and out) ladies of South Korea who captured my heart. ❤


In no particular order:

  1. Victoria (Song Qian)


  • K-Pop girl group f(x) leader and lead dancer, Chinese actress
  • One of my first ever girl crushes in the K-Pop industry
  • Such a beauty, inside and out ❤ ❤ ❤
  • Check her out at: SHINee’s Replay music video, (SHINee’s debut music video which featured her even before she debuted) Zhang Li Yin’s Agape and Not Alone music videos (featured her and Tao as actors in the MVs), f(x)’s music videos, Chinese drama Ice Fantasy (I’m not a fan of Chinese dramas but she is one of the main cast here so you’d be able to see more of her acting skills) 🙂
  • f(x) is also included in My Top 20 K-Pop Groups List


  1. Kim Jiwon


  • Korean actress
  • Discovered her in the K-drama “The Heirs” but I started following and loving her in “Descendants of the Sun” (she played supporting roles in both dramas, but she did an excellent job and even won awards)
  • Check her out at: K-dramas “The Heirs”, “Descendants of the Sun” and “To the Beautiful You”


  1. Han Sunhwa


  • Former member of K-Pop girl group Secret
  • She is the visual (face) of the group and a famous ulzzang (best face)
  • She is also an actress
  • Check her out at: Secret’s music videos (esp. Starlight Moonlight, YooHoo I’m in Love)
  • Secret is also featured in My Top 20 K-Pop Groups List


  1. Han Hyo Joo


  • Korean actress
  • First Korean actress I fell in love with
  • Check her out at (dramas): K-dramas “Shining Inheritance” (where I first saw her and fell in love with her), “Dong Yi” and “W” (her latest drama)


  1. Moonbyul (Moon Byul Yi)


  • K-pop girl group MAMAMOO rapper and lead dancer
  • She’s the most sweeeeg~ of the bunch (well, next to Jun Ji Hyun maybe) 😀
  • She’s a cool and badass rapper and she can sing well too
  • She’s the perfect girl crush material (you’d go gay for her)
  • Check her out at: MAMAMOO’S music videos (ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD TBH), web drama “Start Love” (She’s the female lead and the lead actor is Kim Kyujong; who is a member of boy group SS501.They’re both AMAAAAAZING!) and her cover of Crush’s song “Don’t Forget” (her singing, rapping and songwriting- she modified the rap part- are ON POINT)
  • MAMAMOO is also included in My Top 20 K-Pop Groups List


  1. Dasom (Kim Dasom)


  • K-Pop girl group Sistar maknae (youngest) and visual (face)
  • She is also an actress
  • She might have the least amount of lines in Sistar’s songs; but she definitely shines and has good singing skills
  • I also love her personality, she’s smart and straightforward
  • Check her out at: Sistar’s music videos, K.will’s music videos “Please Don’t” and (watch this PLEASE! Just watch it.) “Love Blossom”; and Sistar’s Soyou and Junggigo’s music video “Some”. To see more of her acting, watch the dramas “Melody of Love” and “The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law”
  • Sistar is also included in My Top 20 K-Pop Groups List


  1. Jooyeon (Lee Jooyeon)


  • Graduate member of the K-Pop girl group After School
  • Most beautiful member of AS, in my opinion 🙂 (although this group has a lot of PRETTY members, like Kahi, Uee and Nana- who was even named #1 “Most Beautiful Face in the World” for two consecutive years- WOW!)
  • Check her out at After School’s and After School Blue’s music videos, K-dramas “Smile Again”, Reply 1997 (love her role here) and Reply 1994
  • After School is also included in My Top 20 K-Pop Groups List


  1. Jun Ji Hyun


  • aka Gianna Jun (her American name, because she’s a global star) 😉
  • Who wouldn’t fall in love with this goddess? Seriously.
  • My Sassy Girl was the film which made her popular, but her comeback drama “You Who Came From The Stars” cemented her spot as one of the most popular and sought after female lead stars in Korea.
  • Again, she is a goddess.
  • She’s married, and has two kids. BUT. She’s still face, body and personality goals. Even her love life is goals (She married her childhood best friend- who’s a hottie as well. Awwwww) ❤ ❤ ❤
  • I’m obsessed with her. Can’t you tell? 😀
  • Check her out at: Films “My Sassy Girl” (with Cha Tae Hyun) and “The Thieves” (with Kim Soo Hyun), K-dramas You Who Came From The Stars (with Kim Soo Hyun again ❤ ❤ <3) and Legend of the Blue Sea (with Lee Minho) CAN YOU TELL HOW AMAZING SHE IS THAT SHE GETS PAIRED UP WITH OUR FAVORITE OPPAS? AND WE CAN’T EVEN COMPLAIN BECAUSE SHE’S GORGEOUS AF!!! ❤

Well, that’s all for this post. I just thought it would be fun to share who my Korean girl crushes are; because they are all undeniably beautiful and talented. They truly are an inspiration to women, young and old. They inspire us to never stop believing in our dreams and keep working hard to reach our goals. Most importantly, they show us that a woman can be more than just a pretty face. (or a sexy body) She can be the light for all the beautiful girls in the world; who will guide them and lead the way to the fulfillment of their dreams through inspiring them to do their best in whichever path they choose to take. 🙂

See you in my next post, everyone. Annyeong! :*



P.S. I’ll try to do more beauty- (esp. makeup) related posts from now on. Stay tuned. 😉


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