Send Nudes! (My Nude Lipstick Collection 2016)

Nude lipsticks: Who would have thought that these lip colors that look like our natural skin color will be one of the most popular and best-selling shades in the market today? It seems like no matter what brand it is, people will always be looking for the nude shades and figuring out which ones would suit them. I am no exception to that. The search for the perfect nude lipstick was not easy for me. It took me almost a year before I was able to settle for a certain type of nude lipstick that I feel confident in. Of course it has to be the perfect “in-between” type of color. It must be not too pale (washes me out) but not too dark as well. (not a nude shade anymore) I found my “perfect” nude lipstick in the family of peachy nude lipsticks. Because I have a very strong warm and yellow undertone, I find that gray- or cool- toned lipsticks (no matter what the shade or color is) don’t suit me; and that peachy and yellowish tones suit me better. From then on, I kept buying more peachy nude lipsticks and I was able to curate my own Nude Lipstick Collection. (2016 edition) Here are the nude lipsticks I currently own. 🙂

Going from Left-Right:


  1. Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick (Daringly Nude)

full review to be posted soon


  1. ever bilena Matte Lipstick (Sexy Nude)

see review here


  1. MAC Matte Lipstick (Kinda Sexy) ❤

see review for MAC Matte Lipstick here


  1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Stockholm) ❤

full review to be posted soon


  1. Wet n’ wild Megalast Lipstick (Just Peachy)

see review here


  1. Wet n’ wild Megalast Lipstick (Bare It All) ❤

see review here


  1. MAC Matte Lipstick (Velvet Teddy) ❤

see full review here


  1. Fashion 21 All-Day Matte Lipstick (Bronze)

see review here


  1. MeNow Kissproof Soft Matte Lipstick (05)

-full review to be posted soon


  1. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip (Echo Park) ❤

-full review to be posted soon


  1. LA Girl Flat Velvet Lipstick (Snuggle) ❤

full review to be posted soon


  1. Essence Longlasting Lipstick (Barely There)

full review to be posted soon






  1. Colourpop Echo Park – formula, finish and shade is great, perfect to wear for any occasion, goes well with any outfit, not too peachy (has a hint of pink to it), gorgeous lip color
  1. MAC Kinda Sexy – a true peachy nude lipstick, light-skinned girls with warm or yellow undertone will LOVE this color, perfect to wear if you want to look and feel more “awake”, brightens the skin a little bit when worn
  1. NYX Stockholm – a little less peachy that Kinda Sexy but still warm, perfect to wear when in a hurry and also to bring for touch-ups because it is easy to apply, reapply and layer, lightweight on the lips
  1. LA Girl Snuggle – it’s like a lipstick version of the NYX smlc, very easy to apply and reapply, perfect to wear for the gym or when just running errands
  1. Wet n’ wild Bare It All – good drugstore alternative to MAC Velvet Teddy, (much cheaper) not an exact dupe but color is pretty close, this one’s just a little bit more peachy and warm
  1. MAC Velvet Teddy – ULTIMATE FAVORITE! Check my review of this lipstick to know how much I love this shade and why I recommend it to everyone! 😉

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