Disappointing Drugstore Skin Care Products

Last time, I talked about my Disappointing Drugstore Makeup Products. This time, I will be doing the Skin Care Counterpart. I won’t be doing a long introduction for this. These are just products that did not work for me or did not satisfy me due to reasons I would specify. So, let’s start! 🙂

  1. Holika Holika Soft Jelly in Cleansing Foam– 300-400 pesos, mine was just a sample


(Picture from Holika Holika CA website)

  • What it is: “This moisturizing foaming cleanser infused with konjac beads gently cleanses, nourishes and hydrates your skin.” (Holika Holika Canada website: https://holikaholika.ca/cleansing/cleansing-foam-soap/gonyak-soft-jelly-in-cleasing-foam ) This is a foaming cleanser with beads in it that melt right away once you start rubbing it onto the skin.
  • The good: leaves the skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean, lathers easily, clean scent (not too strong or too mild)
  • The bad: dries my skin out (I already have dry skin to begin with), my face slightly tingles whenever I use it (which I think means that it’s not gentle for my specific skin type)
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for people who have oily skin.


  1. Pond’s White Beauty Pinkish White and Acne Clear Pore-Conditioning Toners– 85 pesos and 79 pesos, respectively

(Picture from Ponds PH website)

  • What they are: (Pinkish White) “Uncover fair and glowing skin with a unique formula that cleanses to reduce dullness, while boosting the radiance and refreshing your skin. Reveal the fairness within by wiping away the buildup of dead skin cells with this Pinkish White Toner.” (Pore-Conditioning) “Enriched with Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil, Pond’s Acne Clear Toner deeply cleans and unclogs pores, helping to reduce pimples for clearer skin.” (Pond’s Philippines website: http://www.ponds.com.ph/ )
  • The good: both toners smell good and feel refreshing once applied on the skin, remove excess dirt and makeup, overall decent toners
  • The bad: dry my skin out, fees tingly on the skin once applied (almost painful) -> same issue with the Holika Holika cleanser
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for people who do not have extremely dry skin or sensitive skin. Both toners felt tingly and dried my skin out, perhaps due to the alcohol content. My mom uses the Pinkish White one and she swears by it so I guess it just depends on your skin type. By the way, the Acne Clear one is actually effective for healing pimples. (3-4 days)


  1. Celeteque Hydration Moisturizer– 139 pesos (50ml), 231 pesos (100ml)


(Picture from Celeteque website)

  • What it is: “CÉLETEQUE DermoScience™ Hydration Facial Moisturizer’s unique hydrogel formulation provides skin with optimum hydration within 2 weeks of usage. This best selling moisturizer leaves your skin hydrated without the greasy feel and contains Triple Moisturizing System – Glycerin, Provitamin B5 and Aloe Vera, that work deep down to provide lasting relief from skin dryness. Hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use.” (Celeteque website: http://www.celetequedermo.com/hydration/facial-moisturizer/ )
  • The good: odorless, gel formula, lightweight, non-greasy, absorbs quickly into the skin
  • The bad: not moisturizing enough for my dry skin
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for people who combination or oily skin. Even people with normal skin might like this because of all the good points I mentioned. It is a nice basic moisturizer. Sadly, it was not enough for my dry skin.


  1. Rucy’s Vanity Whitening Serum – 449 pesos


(Picture from Rucy’s Vanity PH website)

  • What it is: “Perfect whitening formula for women. Contains vitamin E & collagen also known for brightening and moisturizing for a healthy young looking and damage-free skin. Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin.” (Rucy’s Vanity Philippines website: http://rucysvanityph.com/women-whitening-serum/ ) It also has a lot of claims, according to the website. (namely: “Whitening , Effectively fades acne marks, hyper-pigmentation, scars, Moisturizing, Contains Vit. E & Collagen, Light-weight, Oil-free, Water base, Suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin, Hypoallergenic & Non-comedogenic”)
  • The good: lightweight, non-greasy (oil-free), easily absorbed by the skin, suitable for all skin types and even for sensitive skin, does not clog the pores (non-comedogenic), mild scent
  • The bad: not whitening, does not fade marks and spots, NOT MOISTURIZING enough (when it’s absorbed into the skin, it doesn’t feel like I put on anything)
  • Do I recommend: No. This product did not do anything for me. I would appreciate if it was moisturizing, at least. But it was not. I do not recommend it to anyone because this product is just too underwhelming in my opinion.


  1. Quick FX Pimple Eraser – 90-99 pesos


(Picture from kikaysimaria.blogspot.com)

  • What it is: acne spot treatment that “helps dry up pimples, helps diminish and reduce dry spots due to scarring and helps protect skin against the sun” (written on packaging)
  • The good: lightweight, non-greasy formula, effective for drying up pimples (3-5 days)
  • The bad: This is not exactly a bad product, I just needed something that will heal my pimples faster and make my spots and scars fade faster. This product takes a while to take effect so I had to look for another solution for my pimple issue.
  • Do I recommend: Yes. Like I said, it’s not a bad product. It is effective but it will take some time. (I’m an impatient b*tch mmmkay?)


  1. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms– 89 to 179 pesos depending on which type you get


(Picture from Maybelline website)

  • What it is: “Get kissably smooth, baby soft lips with a touch of color with moisturizing balms from Maybelline New York. Enjoy up to 8-hour hydration for visibly healthier lips in just a few weeks!” (Maybelline Philippines website: https://www.maybelline.com.ph/lips/lip-balm )
  • The good: lots of colors and flavors to choose from, awesome if they’re effective for you
  • The bad: too slick and greasy on my lips, feels like it just sits on the surface of my lips, not really moisturizing my lips, my lips feel drier after the lip balm is rubbed off/gone
  • Do I recommend: Yes, some people swear by the Baby Lips. I just happen to be one of those people who don’t like this cult favorite.


  1. Pond’s Day Cream – 299 pesos


(Picture from Ponds PH website)

  • What it is: “The Acne Prone Day Cream helps to erase pimple marks for a pinkish white glow. It contains Spotless Complex and Korean Ginseng that purify stubborn spots in the skin layer by layer. It also contains Pro-Vitamin B3 which is known to help inhibit the formation of acne.” (Pond’s Philippines website: http://www.ponds.com.ph/product/detail/1088007/white-beauty-acne-prone-day-cream )
  • The good: recommended for students or beginners at makeup as a day cream/makeup base, lightweight, non-greasy, no white cast, feels a bit “cooling” once applied, travel-friendly
  • The bad: It’s not really a bad product. It does its job; though I’m not sure about the acne-fighting properties. It is a good day cream; but I find I don’t need this anymore because I already use a moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning. This step (day cream) is pretty much unnecessary for me already. My high school student self will love this product. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this product until my first year in college. 😀
  • Do I recommend: Yes! For beginners and students, this might be a staple in your kikay kit. 😉


These are the skin care products that did not work for me. So far, I’ve only tried affordable skin care products (Philippine, Western and Korean) so I could not do reviews of high-end or luxury products yet. I hope you like this post and I hope you look forward to my next post. Annyeong! :*


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