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If there is one BIG change that happened in my life this year, that would be discovering makeup. Last year, I started getting into makeup but I have not done a lot of research about it yet. This year was entirely different. I started watching tutorials on YouTube, subscribing to beauty gurus and makeup websites and reading product reviews and blog posts about different makeup products. I also started to build my own makeup collection. That all happened in the course of one year, (even less!) which makes me so proud of myself because I feel like I’m doing something good in my life. I feel like I’ve changed for the better. Through makeup, I can express myself, feel more confident and take care of my own skin as well. And now I’m here, sharing my experiences with you as well. 2016, no matter how messed up of a year it may have been, was also good to me in one way or another. 🙂

This year I also discovered products that worked for me (and those that did not) and products I kept reaching for since the day I got them. They now comprise my “Everyday Makeup” routine. For this post I’ll show you what these products are and some of my thoughts about them. (Individual reviews will be posted soon! 🙂 )

Note #1: I prefer to do “natural” or “no- makeup” makeup for an everyday basis because it’s low-maintenance, quick and easy to do especially during lazy mornings. 😉

Note #2: As much as I want to post my selfies wearing my everyday makeup, I don’t have a good camera for that purpose yet. I don’t think that my phone camera can show how these products REALLY look when they are applied to my face. 😦


  1. FACE (Base Makeup)


     a. Sunscreen (in photo top left: Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector)

  • 498 pesos
  • We already know the importance of sunscreen in our lives. The Etude House Natural Corrector sunscreen also works as my base or primer before putting on foundation or BB cream because it evens out my skin and color corrects as well.


      b. Cushion Foundation (in photo top right: Missha M Magic Cushion Cover #23)

  • 695 pesos (including shipping fee, bought online)
  • I personally prefer using cushion foundations over liquid foundations of BB creams on an everyday basis because it is quick to put on. I just get the puff, (that comes with it) press it against the “cushion” inside which contains the liquid foundation/BB/CC cream and then “stamp” or “pat” it onto my face and blend it out. The packaging is also very compact and travel-friendly. It’s definitely the lazy girl’s secret weapon to a flawless base. 😉


     c. Concealer (in photo bottom left: Tony moly Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer 02 Natural Beige) – see review here

  • 245 pesos
  • When I have time, I take this concealer and do “spot-concealing” after applying my foundation. But most of the time, I’m in a hurry because I’ll be late for school so I just skip this step. (except for when I have a huge zit that I definitely need to cover up) Sometimes, I even skip foundation and proceed with spot-concealing for a very easy, quick, “no makeup” makeup look.


     d. Setting Powder (in photo bottom right: Nichido Final Powder Creamy Glow)

  • 150 pesos
  • We definitely have to set our foundation and concealer in place. I like this powder because it is affordable and it works well. It never looks cakey and does a great job at setting my base makeup (even my undereye concealer whenever I feel like using one 😀 )



  1. EYES and BROWS


     a. Brow Pencil (in photo top left: Nature Republic Wood Eyebrow Pencil 03 Brown)

  • Less than 200 pesos each
  • I used to be a brow mascara type of girl but now that I’ve learned the right way to fill in my brows without overdoing it, I prefer using brow pencils. I also like retractable ones (like Etude House’s and The Face Shop’s) but I gave mine to my mom because she said she needed a brow pencil. (I’m a good daughter so I gave her mine and even bought her a back up. I’m cool like that! 😉 ) I have naturally thick brows with a sparse “tail” so I just fill in the end part of my brows and blend everything together. That’s it! I’m done with my brows. 🙂


     b. Matte Eyeshadows (in photo bottom left: Etude House Look at My Eyes Café Eyeshadows OR202 and BR403)

  • 225 pesos a pop
  • I personally like matte eyeshadows more than shimmery/glittery/metallic ones because they are easier to apply and blend on the eyelid. Also, for a daily makeup look, matte shadows never look overdone. (or “too sparkly”, to quote my boyfriend) These Etude House eyeshadows are fairly pigmented and the colors are nice and wearable too. They are multipurpose as well. You can use them as blush, highlight and contour shades. 🙂 To top it all, they are affordable and easy to find.


     c. Mascara (in photo right: Maybelline Hypercurl Volum’ Express Mascara)

  • Original price is 199 pesos, bought on sale for 149 pesos
  • I use this mascara on an everyday basis because it curls my lashes and holds the curl pretty well. It is not very volumizing or lengthening but it is definitely waterproof and smudgeproof. My main concern with my lashes is that they are short and straight; so what I look for in mascara is the ability to curl my lashes and hold the curl all day long. This mascara is good for that purpose.




     a. Contour Powder (in photo: Shawill Perfect Powder 003) – see review here

  • 168 pesos
  • I usually do the contouring step right after setting my face with powder. I contour my nose on a daily basis. As for the rest of my face, (temples, hairline, hollows of the cheeks and jawline) I don’t find the need to contour those areas on a regular basis. This particular contour powder is great for beginners because it is not too pigmented and it is the right shade for contouring. It is neither too warm nor cool toned. It is not too gray or too orange. It is just right! (Ttak joha! 😉 )



     b. Blush (in photo top: Milani Baked Blush Luminoso) –see review here

  • 375 pesos (bought online)
  • I consider blush as a very important step in my routine. This blush in particular is a gorgeous shimmery peach blush that will instantly add a beautiful glow to the cheeks. I love it! ❤


     c. Highlight (in photo bottom: e.l.f. Illuminating Palette) – see review here

  • 325 pesos (bought online)
  • This is more of a finishing powder rather than a highlighting powder, but I also use it as a highlight because it is subtle but beautiful. It will make the skin glow as if it was lit from within. This is probably my favorite makeup product of 2016. 🙂


  1. LIPS
  • I just use any of the following lip products depending on my mood. 🙂


     a. Lipsticks (in photo leftmost: MAC Matte Lipstick Velvet Teddy) – see review here

  • Nude lipstick if I want to achieve a “barely there” makeup look


     b. Liquid Lipstick/Lip Cream (in photo third from left: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip November)

  • A pop of coral on the lips for a bit of color. Liquid lipsticks are also very long wearing. This formula in particular is not too drying and very comfortable to wear.


     c. Lip Tint (in photo rightmost: Tony moly Delight Tony Tint 03 Orange Chacha)

  • Orange lip tint just on the inner part of the lips to achieve the “just bitten” kind of look. Orange is also a fun color to wear.


     d. Tinted Lip Balm (in photo second from left: Etude House Sugar Tint Balm PK02 Pink Macaron)

  • For days when I don’t want to put so much effort on my makeup but I still want my lips to stay hydrated and moisturized all day long. Tinted lip balms also offer a hint of color on the lips so I can achieve the “My Lips But Better (MLBB)” look.


That’s everything for this post. I hope you liked it. Thank you for stopping by. Stay happy and healthy. Annyeong! :*


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