Birthday Haul 2016

Hey loves! Welcome back to my blog. Today I will be sharing the stuff I got myself for my birthday; because why not? 😀 For my twentieth birthday, I decided to buy myself some stuff because I think I deserve it; and I don’t need anybody to buy me gifts. I can take care of myself. 🙂 We’re good, Elynne. We’re good. 😉



Top L-R ( Nivea Lip Butter, Nivea Lip Balm, Celeteque Toner, Etude House Gel Lotion, Etude House Sunblock)

  1. Nivea Lip Butter (Vanilla and Macadamia) – 129 pesos
  • I decided to get myself a back up of this baby because I FREAKING LOVE THIS! I love how this moisturizes my lips at night and even during the day when I’m not wearing any other lip product. It smells so good as well. 🙂 It’s definitely a lip balm worth checking out.


  1. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm – 92 pesos
  • This is another back up that I bought, because mine is running out. There’s probably less than a centimeter of product left. 😀 I use this lip balm every single day, and reapply several times. Out of all the lip balms I’ve tried, Nivea lip balms are the best. They are not too slick or sticky on the lips. They are moisturizing enough without feeling uncomfortable. This is another lip balm I recommend to everyone.


  1. Celeteque Hydration Alcohol-Free Toner – 129 pesos
  • This is yet another product repurchase. This is probably my most repurchased skin care item EVER! I like how basic this toner is. It is watery in consistency and has a mild scent. I highly recommend this toner for all skin types; but if you are looking for a toner that is going to do more than just “toning” the skin, this might not be the product for you.


  1. Etude House AC Cleanup Gel Lotion – 748 pesos
  • You guessed it right, this is another repurchase. But! Etude House recently repackaged (or even reformulated, I’m not sure) their AC Clinic line, which targets acne-prone and troubled skin. They re-launched it as the AC Cleanup Line. So far, I’ve only tried the toner and the lotion but I like the lotion more. It calms down the redness whenever my skin breaks out and also helps in making my pimples heal faster. It smells good, at least for me, and the consistency is just right. It will work for anyone, whether you have dry, normal, combination or oily skin. It is one of my holy grail skin care items for acne-fighting.


  1. Etude House Sunprise Must Daily Sunblock – 478 pesos
  • Okay, this is not a product repurchase; but I needed to buy a new sunblock so I went ahead and bought this one. I’ve tried another product from this line (Natural Corrector) and I did not like it because it makes my face look ashy due to the pinkish tint to it. It might work for people who have cool undertone but for me, it was a miss. I have high hopes for this variant because it is white in color when you first squeeze it out of the tube but once it blends on the skin, it becomes transparent and does not leave any white cast or pinkish/grayish color. I hope this one is better than the first one I tried. *crosses fingers*




L-R (L’oreal Lipstick, Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip, The Face Shop Designing Browcara, Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara, L’oreal Lipstick, e.l.f. Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette (top), e.l.f. Illuminating Palette(bottom))

  1. L’oreal Parisian Browns Lipstick (Chocolat Rouge) – 300 pesos (on sale from 400)
    • I don’t really NEED another lipstick, but L’oreal went on sale again and I just can’t help it! This shade in particular is gorgeous. I knew I needed it in my life, even though I already have 10 more lipsticks that look similar to this. What can I do? I’m a lipstick junkie!
    • Review to be posted soon


  1. Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip (November) – 400 pesos (from Shopee)
    • When Kathleen Lights uploaded her video where she talked about her most recent collaboration with Colourpop, I KNEW I needed to buy the lipsticks she did in collaboration with the brand. Alyssa is such a gorgeous muted pink (I hauled it last October) while Point Zero is a unique warm brown shade (I don’t have it, I won’t buy it because those colors don’t suit me); but November is just so BEAUTIFUL. It just makes sense. I was born on November, so I had to buy that shade named November. I knew Kathleen named it such because November is the month of their wedding anniversary (which is just so sweet) but it has a different meaning to me. I love the name and I love the shade. It is a toned-down coral that could even pass off as a neutral lip color. It looks good on people who have light-medium skin with warm undertone. (like me!)
    • Review to be posted soon


  1. The Face Shop Designing Browcara (Brown) – 395 pesos
    • I needed a back up for my Maybelline Fashion Brow Mascara so I bought this. Although I was slightly bummed when I learned that The Face Shop is putting their brow products on sale (buy 1 take 1 on all brow products) for the latter part of the month of November, I still think this is a good find and I’m excited to test it out.
    • Review to be posted soon


  1. Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara – 149 pesos (on sale from 199 pesos)
    • See? That’s the thing with drugstore brands. They ALWAYS go on sale. Every month, there would be a couple of items that will be on sale. That’s another thing I love from the drugstore. 🙂 This mascara is one of my go-to everyday makeup items. I like how this separates my lashes and holds the curl for a decent amount of time. There is not much volume or length but for an “everyday” type of mascara, (and for me) this is good enough. And, you can’t beat the price. This is already my third tube! 🙂
    • Review to be posted soon


  1. L’oreal Parisian Browns Lipstick (Rose Fondu) – 300 pesos (on sale from 400)
    • I know what you’re thinking. There she goes again with lipstick hoarding. I’m sorry. I can’t resist it, especially if the shades are this gorgeous. This is a nude pink shade that is not too light, not too pink, not too warm, not too cool, not white-based and is just PERFECT. Ugh. I just love neutral shades that I can easily put on any day, for any occasion.


  1. e.l.f. Mad for Matte Eyeshadow Palette – 560 pesos (from
    • I bought this palette online because it’s not yet in e.l.f. counters here in the Philippines. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this palette and I was not disappointed. The shadows are fairly pigmented but what surprised me is that they do not have any fallout. That is so impressive of a drugstore palette. The shadows are not chalky or powdery at all and they apply and blend so easily on the lids. Talk about high quality products at a very affordable price! 🙂
    • Review to be posted soon


  1. e.l.f. Illuminating Palette – 325 pesos (from
    • I also got this illuminating palette online and I am so IN LOVE with it! ❤ I’ve never tried any powder highlighters before but I know that this is not your typical powder highlight. I would not even consider the powders in this palette to be highlighters. They’re more of an illuminating finishing or brightening powder. It is SUBTLE, (af) that’s why I like taking my powder brush and dusting these powders onto the high points of my face. It just adds a nice amount of glow or illumination to my face. You have to try it to believe it. As for me, I am currently OBSESSED with this stuff; which means I use it every single day ever since I got it. 🙂
    • Review to be posted soon




(Wet n’ Wild Fan Brush- 175 pesos and Unbranded Brush Set from Shopee- 270 pesos)

            I bought new brushes to add to my collection, and so far so good! I like the fan brush and the unbranded brushes have decent quality. They shed when I washed them for the first time (unbranded ones) but after the first wash, they stopped shedding.



            These are Jo Malone-inspired scents which I got from a seller from a makeup group in Facebook. (Chichay Chavez) First of all, she is a very accommodating and kind seller. She gives scent recommendations and is always willing to answer any questions and attend to any concern you might have. She is also one of the administrators of the said Facebook group. I was just curious about these scents because many members of the group were raving about them. I thought they were all just advertisements or maybe I wouldn’t end up liking them, because I’m more of a body spray type of girl and I’m not very concerned about long lasting scents. Still I gave these a try, and I was immediately IN LOOOOOVE! Two sprays is all you need to smell delicious all day long! Oh and did I mention that these are affordable as well? 150 pesos only for a 10ml bottle. 🙂

Scents I Got:

  1. English Pear and Freesia – this is the scent you need if you want smell “fresh” all day long. It has a citrusy zesty scent to it that is unique and interesting.
  2. Lime Basil and Mandarin – this is supposedly a “for him” scent, but I still liked it because it lasts longer than all the others and I could layer it with other scents. It is citrusy as well, but warmer than English Pear and Freesia.
  3. Nectarine Blossom and Honey – when I first sniffed all the scents, this was my least favorite. It was “okay” for me. It smelled fresh and sweet but mild. It also did not last as long as the others on me but as I continue to use it, I am starting to like it more. It has a nice sweet scent to it that is not overwhelming and whenever I wear it, I just feel like I’m walking in a garden full of flowers.
  4. Vanilla and Anise – this is my personal favorite. It smells sweet and sophisticated at the same time. I just love this one. I’m definitely buying a bigger bottle. 😀
  5. Peony and Blush Suede – this is the scent that my boyfriend likes on me the most. He just says he likes it a lot. This smells girly and powdery without being too strong. I like it but not as much as Vanilla and Anise. (Sorry boyfie.)




(SHINee 1 of 1 album ❤ ❤ <3, Daiso headband, The Universe of Us by Lang Leav and Eyeglasses)

            I also bought a bunch of random stuff, some are not photographed because I’m already using them. 😀

Other Stuff:

The Face Shop hand cream

H&M white pants

CNA earrings

Penshoppe cap

SD card

Cellphone Case

Smart cord winder

Lightning saver


November has been such a ride for me; but overall I had fun! It feels nice to treat myself from time to time, especially if it’s my birthday month! 😀 I know this post is long overdue because it’s already December (IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME CHINGUS!) but I still posted this because it might give you some gift ideas this Christmas (?) or for your friend’s birthday, or even for yourself! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Stay happy and healthy! Annyeong! :*


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