Disappointing Philippine Drugstore Makeup Products

We’ve all come across products we’ve purchased that end up disappointing us, products and services that might be underwhelming or did not perform the way we expected them to. Sometimes the products meet our expectations or even exceed them; but just like other things in life, being disappointed in some makeup products is inevitable. Fin this post, I will go through products I’ve tried from the drugstore that I did not like, did not work for me or just fell short in any category or criteria I look for in a certain product.

Note: I do not have actual pictures of the following products because I already threw them, sold them or gave them away. 🙂


Photo from: fashion21cosmetics.com

  1. Fashion 21 Perfect Stick + Tea Tree Oil (shade: Milk Tea) – 195 pesos
  • What it is: 2-in-1 foundation and concealer stick with tea tree oil for acne-prone or troubled skin, shade in particular is second to lightest
  • The good: medium buildable coverage, powdery finish, tea tree scent (depends on preference), covers minor blemishes, does not aggravate pimples, handy and travel-friendly
  • The bad: emphasizes dry patches and flakiness of skin, which makes it not good for people with dry skin
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for people who have oily skin. Girls and guys with dry skin, STAY AWAY FROM THIS!


Photo from: fashion21cosmetics.com

  1. Fashion 21 Twist Eye Pencil (shade: Lilac) – 99 pesos
  • What it is: twist up eye pencil that can be used as an eyeshadow and eyeliner, shade in particular is a creamy light purple or lilac shade (like the name suggests)
  • The good: creamy formula, glides on smoothly on the eyelids, does not tug or pull on the skin, good pigmentation and color payoff
  • The bad: blends into NOTHING, disappears once you blend it with other shadows or smudge it on the eye line.
  • Do I recommend: NO! Just don’t purchase this because there are a lot of better eye pencils from the drugstore. I think the darker colors are better, but I suggest just skipping the line altogether so you won’t be disappointed.


Photo from: fashion21cosmetics.com

  1. Fashion 21 Single Blush (shade: 04) – 125 pesos? (not sure about the current price)
  • What it is: matte blush, comes in 5-7 shades, two of which are blush duos, shade in particular is a very warm orange blush
  • The good: pigmented, beautiful wearable shades from the selection
  • The bad: TOO pigmented for people with fair-light medium skin tones, can give a “clown” look if you’re not careful with application, hard to sheer out once it’s on the skin
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for people who have deeper or darker skin tones. They have other shades that are gorgeous and can work for lighter skin tones. The blush duos have better reviews as well.


Photo from: bysphilippines.com

  1. BYS Contour Trio (shade: Sassy) – 449 pesos
  • What it is: contour trio with highlight, contour and cheek shades, comes in two shades or variants, shade Sassy has a bronze cheek color
  • The good: contour and bronze/cheek shades are good and really pigmented, good for beginners because it’s an all-in-one product, easy to use and products are labeled, with instructions on how to use
  • The bad: highlight shade DOES NOT show up, it’s just like a translucent powder or setting powder for the undereye
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for beginners. This product was disappointing for me because I cannot use ALL of the three products in the trio. I only liked the contour shade and the cheek shade was okay, and I have other blushes I love more than that. I would prefer buying a separate contour powder.


Photo from: etudehouse.com

  1. Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner (shade: 01 Soft Rose) – 198 pesos? (not sure about the exact price)
  • What it is: twist up/ automatic lip pencil which can be worn on its own or as a lip liner before lipstick, shade in particular is a soft rose color (like the name suggests)
  • The good: creamy formula, moisturizing on the lips, beautiful color, natural shade perfect for everyday use
  • The bad: dried my lips out, normally matte formulas are drying but moisturizing lip products like this that dry my lips out are rare so maybe my lips are the problem.
  • Do I recommend: Yes, for people who do not have sensitive lips. I’ve read a lot of good reviews about this lip pencil so I still recommend it. The shade is gorgeous as well.


Photo from: RussianRed10.blogspot.com

  1. Nichido Matte Lipstick (shade: Pink Lush? I actually forgot.) – free when you get the eyeshadow palette+eye pencil+lipstick promo bundle for 100 or 150 pesos, original price is 188 pesos
  • What it is: matte lipstick that comes in various shades, shade in particular is a white-based pink with a little bit of shimmer
  • The good: wide shade selection
  • The bad: this particular shade washes me out, the formula is not good as well.
  • Do I recommend: NO. I suggest just skipping on this line and try other lipsticks in the same price point (Fashion 21, ever bilena)


Photo from: bys.com.au

  1. BYS Longwear Lipstick (Baby Doll) – 299 pesos
  • What it is: creamy matte lipstick, shade in particular is a cool or blue-toned pink with very purple undertone
  • The good: comes in various shades, moisturizing formula but sets into a matte finish, good quality for its price
  • The bad: the shade was not right for me, this is a good quality lipstick, it was my fault for choosing the wrong shade.

So… Those are all the products I’ve tried so far from the drugstore that disappointed me in one way or another. I hope this could help you choose which items to avoid on your next trip to the drugstore, or be aware of some shades and formulas that might not work for your specific skin type, color, tone or your personal preference. I hope you guys have a wonderful day ahead. Stay happy and healthy! Annyeong! :*


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