An Introduction

“Welcome to my world, let’s do this!” – Jackson, Hard Carry (2016)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. I am Elynne; a K-Pop trash, makeup enthusiast and cat-lover. (I do not own one yet, though) Basically, most of my posts will be about the aforementioned topics. I hope my posts and this blog in general can be helpful to you in one way or another. It’s been a while since I wanted to put up my own blog but there have been a lot of difficulties and several times when I doubted myself. I kept asking myself, “Can I really do this?” “Is blogging really my thing?” But nevertheless, here I am. I hope you enjoy reading through my blog and hope you can also share this with your friends and family. I’ll try to post as often as I can and put up as much informative and interesting content in this blog. Thank you and I hope all you gorgeous amazing people have a wonderful day ahead. Annyeong! 🙂

Dreams and reality are not that different.

Just let yourself go with the current.

For one day all the time and energy spent

Will make sense to those who truly meant.


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